2012 | Sustainability in Egyptian Constitution - "Mithaq" Initiative | Different NGOs | Egypt

Together with dedicated members of active organizations in sustainability, URBANICS contributed with the following organizations to formulate the sustainability chapter in the Egyptian constitution. The core members of the (Mithaq) group are: (1) Amir Gohar, Urban Planner, (2) Amr Lashin, Governance & Management, (3) Hamdy El Setouhy, Architect, (4) Khaled Abdel Halim, UNDP (5) Maha Abou Bakr, Assistant Teacher, Cairo University, (6) Mohammed Abou Samra, Urban Planner & Architect, (7) Nashwa Ibrahim, Architect, GIZ Advisor, (8) Olfa Tantawi , UNDP Advisor, (9 ) Tayseer Khairy, Community Architect, (10) Wael Sabry, GIZ Green Technology Expert.

This team memebers are collectively part of one or more of the following organizations and: (1) Benaa Movement, (2)Bokrah Foundation, (3) EECA, Egyptian Earth Construction Association, (4) Midan, For Vibrant Places., (5) Oriental Group Architects, (6) SEDA, Solar Energy Development, (7) Takamol for Sustainable Development, (8) URBANICS, for Sustainable Natural & Built Environment

The following are the cofounder and partners in the initiative.


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