2013  |  Communications and Capacity Development Project- Nestlé EAR  |  Kenya

URBANICS lead a project with Nestle Equatorial African Region (www.nestle-ea.com) headquarters in Nairobi (Kenya) to strengthen, streamline, train and develop the Corporate Communications and Public Affairs (CCPA) staff/department across their 6 key countries in the region – Kenya, Zimbabwe, Angola, DRC, Mauritius, and Mozambique.  The work included developing 2-3 year strategic communications plans, stakeholder mapping, improving external and internal communications, brand positioning and enhancing outreach through strategizing and organizing various communications tools – social media, newsletter and website. In addition, the scope of work included developing separate communications strategies for Nestlé’s community development projects (Creating Shared Value) across the region. The community development aspect of the project was assessed through conducting a socio-impact evaluation of farmers (through field visits and farmer-to-farmer contact) engaged with Nestlé’s CSV projects in Kenya. This 10-month long Communications and Capacity Development Project was very extensive and required on-ground presence (in each country. Coordination was necessary between the diverse set of stakeholders among country teams, within and without the different departments (marketing, brand teams, HR, Procurement) to ensure effective implementation of the strategic communications tools.