2013 | NGO-Private Sector Initiative in Kenya | Kenya

A project with Oxfam GB (HECA). The project focused on creating a platform to connect the Private Sector with the NGO sector in Kenya. The idea backs the argument that the engagement of Private Sector can positively contribute to poverty and injustice alleviation. Thus, the project promotes innovative business models that fosters interaction between the Private Sector and NGOs to strategize on a win-win scenario. The model yields benefit for the people while at the same time is profitable for the companies. Oxfam promotes this platform to create the environment in which the knowledge, the trust and the mutual understanding may spark brilliant and powerful initiatives. URBANICS core team and partner, Unjela Kaleem is leading this project with Oxfam GB in Nairobi, Kenya. The project ToR includes concept development, agenda preparation, participants’ coordination and accomplishment of the event.