Work With Us

Our collaborative approach is not only with local community, but extend to our employers, strategic partners, and clients. Here are multiple mechanisms to work with us:

1. Employment

If you are a smart bright professional in planning, social sciences community development, SMEs, and administrator, who is looking for as career with diverse team and multiple clients, please send your CV with a cover letter to and we will get back to you as opportunities arise.

2. Consulting

If you want to be on our short-term roster or work with us on part-time basis, please get in touch and explain specifically your area of expertise and what type of projects you are interested in.

3. Internship

If you are a university student interested in what we are doing, please apply for an internship with us during the summer. Explain what your field of study is and what areas you want to learn and we will make sure to engage you in the right type of projects

4. Volunteering

We often volunteer to support our local community and environmental causes. You are more than welcome to tag along if you are keen on earning hands-on experience and add value to your local people. 

5. Joint Ventures

This is a strategic collaboration on a specific project. This  has a start and end date with a specific focus or a named project. It can develop further to be a partnership in future activities.

6. Partnership

We are open to equity share and long-term partnership. Further discussion can be with our leadership team.