URBANICS is a value-driven firm crafting the planning and design of the built environment to be in synergy with nature and culture. Since its inception in 2010, it continues to adopt an integrated planning approach to achieve better livelihoods and sustainable communities. Our highly motivated team assures the delivery of quality services that are a by-product of a sustainable framework. We are here to serve the people, and the planet.


To put the built environment in harmony with nature & culture.


URBANICS aspires to offer to the world a platform that bridges academic theory with real life practices. We aim to change current development practices by sustainable integrating local environments and cultures as essential aspects of the development process, rather than pursuing forms of development in which such elements are considered post-planning factors.


As the earth’s resources are shrinking and the demand is increasing especially in the countries where population is rising at a rapid rate, there is a need to devise solutions that not only provide for improving the physical conditions but also create opportunities and resources for self-contained, long-term sustainability.  At URBANICS, we look beyond the physical scope of planning and instead use the expertise to find lasting solutions that provide greater  ecological balance as well as improving livelihoods.